What is Driifloat

Floatation therapy is an experience of ‘gravity-free’ suspension in a warm pool of salt water. For minimal physical effort it provides a depth of relaxation not easily found in today’s world of high expectations and hyper-stimulation.

Why Dry? Wet float is a great experience, no question. However, not many people have the luxury of time for showering, floating, changing, make-up and hair. Not everyone is willing to go inside a small enclosed chamber, or to lie in a heavy salt solution. Not everyone has the physicality to handle a wet float environment.

Driifloat is quick and effective, a power-float for the busy body and mind – 30 minute essential sessions or longer if you need. Reduce stress, improve neuro-plasticity, maintain health, recover from injuries, re-balance from sensory overload, reduce and remove tension from your entire muscular system, improve performance, learn easier, reduce the ‘rain storm’ of adrenaline into your body.

A driifloat has advantages over normal wet tank floatation:

• You stay dry and clothed.
Your skin doesn’t come into direct contact with the salt water
• Float membranes are antiseptically wiped clean after each use
No need to shower before or after leaving the tank. 
• You can float even if you recently had your hair dyed.

We do play music during your float.
You are welcome to bring your headphones or
even a VR headset to wear while floating.

Float Room 1

This float is placed in a large office setting for easy access. Our plan is to make this available to those who wish to float during a counseling session with one of our Garrison Counseling professionals

Float Room 2

This float resides in an upper floor room providing a sensory deprivation experience. Dark quiet room with blackout windows and a slightly larger float pod.

Float Room 3

This float resides in an upper floor room with no windows and sound-proof walls. We consider this our sensory deprivation float. 

What does Driifloat do?


We may not be ill or injured or be facing some mental or physical disabilities but as the old saying goes, the best cure is prevention. Whether young or old, maintaining a good level of health and vitality both bodily and mentally is a positive approach to performing well, enjoying a long-life and achieving your goals. Driifloat floatation therapy provides the potential for a daily diet of super-relaxation, stress-busting relief from sensory overload and burn out, allowing the body and mind to recover. 


The road to recovery from an illness or injury can be tough, long and demand much effort. Regular access to a Driifloat floatation therapy bed will enhance your mind and body’s ability to repair itself in whatever way it needs. Physical and mental relief are a natural by-product of floatation therapy. Healing time is reduced by up to 30% and the totally fantastic thing with Driifloat is there are no pharmaceutical side-affects! There’s no requirement to take drugs for floatation therapy to work its magic and no limit on the dosage – float as much and as long as you like and it can’t hurt you! 


As socially constructive beings our worldly objectives are so often aimed at achieving high-end targets, either as solo endeavours or as team players. Performance in our chosen fields of challenge demand clarity of purpose, focus, thought and positive actions. Enhancing and refining these abilities results from combining all the necessary ingredients required for success. One of those ingredients, more necessary than ever before, is the Driifloat floatation experience. Daily doses of deep relaxation for body and mind result in better performance and greater clarity of thought.


Meditation is now getting incredible attention for its use in reducing stress, anxiety, depression and pain, and increasing peace and perception. For many however, accessing those deeper and more stationery states of mind takes years of practice. Floatation as an environment can help to short-cut the time to stillness and insight.
More significantly, people with mental imbalances (stress, anxiety, depression) have tremendous difficulty accessing this specific state of mindfulnessFloatation therapy, thanks to its unique ability of putting the brain into a meditative state automatically, can be used as a training wheel for meditation.
Traditionally, meditation is a cumulative method for developing a strength of concentration in the mind. The practice is to continually refine that concentration until the mind is so strongly focused that it remains undisturbed by external stimulation for as long as it wishes. 

Floating is not mindfulness or meditation just because of the inactivity, but it does create great conditions from which to practice mindfulness. After even a short session of floatation our mind and our body become very still and relaxed. Once this happens and we ‘walk back out’ into our daily lives, we have a greater chance of holding on to that peaceful state and applying ourselves to whatever we are working on in our meditations.

Listen to your favorite music or book while you float.  Feel free to ask about setting up your own custom float experience.

30 Minute



60 Minute



90 Minute



Single Float Pricing

Getting into the Driifloat


Step 1

Lean over Driifloat and spread the membrane towards the sides and head end. Grab the front arm for stability and enter Driifloat facing the foot-end.

Step 2

Step into Driifloat around 2 feet from the foot end and sit down holding onto the grab handles.

Step 3

Lie down and make sure the membrane is spread loosely around you.

Step 4

Stretch your legs and arms, relax and experience floating